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The First Bite

Hi everyone. This is a blog about home cooking — how to do it easily, cheaply, relatively quickly, and well. That means food that tastes good and is also good for you. It means you’ll discover a whole new social world in the lost art of the dinner party and the meal shared with friends — one of life’s great under-appreciated pleasures. It means gourmet-quality meals can be prepared for under $10 in under 30 minutes. It’s possible — I’ve done it.

And there’s no big secret how. I’m not a genius cook — I cook almost entirely from recipes in cookbooks. It’s just a matter of a little planning and a little technique. And I want to help you do it too because it will save you money, improve your health, improve your self-confidence, and believe it or not, help the planet. I’ll post much more about my philosophy on the About me page, but in the mean time, welcome. You can do it, I promise. Cooking is for everyone! : )

Jennifer Frazer

Fearless Home Cook


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